How to toggle crouch? :thonk:

It might sound like a dumb question, but I'm at my wits' end. The problem I have (with an empty Third Person template) is that though I enable CROUCH on the "Person Player Settings", when I try it on the preview, it doesn't even crouch. Heck, not even sprinting nor the mount worked, only the jump, and all of those I mentioned were toggled ON by default.

I tried looking for a "crouch" snippet from the Community Content but to no avail. Apparently not many people use crouch, but in my game in which you need to hide from a monster (ala "Amnesia" and such), you need to crouch sometimes to get out of sight of the monster. Fortunately I found a script to toggle SPRINT in @LuckofBuck 's "Sprint" script, so that the character can run from the monster and get into hiding. I see he has a speed value for Crouching (named "isCrouchSpeedEnabled") which comes in handy for me, but crouch is not toggled on from the defaults of the game itself and I don't know how to properly activate it :frowning:

Can some guru lend me a little hand with this, pretty please? :pleading_face:

Sadly I do not think you can force players to crouch. They will have to manually toggle crouching by pressing the "c" key.

I see, thank you for the clarification.
Is there a way to force binding the crouch action to L-CTRL button? I saw several games I played in Core that use L-CTRL button for crouching, so much I didn't know "C" was the original default crouching button :rofl: I'm sorry for the confusion... I checked the default keybinds and the "C" actually made the character in the preview to crouch but it would be better if it was bound to L-CTRL button instead so that I can free the "C" to close open UI menus.

You might be able to change the key in the "Settings" and "Key Bindings" (or is it called "Ability Bindings") window. I thought that those changes were only for you though I guess they carry over to publishing.