How to Take Good Screenshots

Taking Good Screenshots
Authors: @Tobs and @Gabunir

Good screenshots are well framed, well lit, and tell a narrative.
Take a look at these two screenshots.

The location and poses of the characters are nearly identical. However, the bottom one tells a better story. By simply changing outfits our group of friends involved in a team fight turns into two plucky adventurers about to ambush a pair of guards. Fine tuning the lighting and framing also create a lot more visual interest.

  • Coordinate with your friends. Hop onto a group voice call and start directing.

  • Try different angles, enabling the camera to zoom in and out in-game or pausing in editor to zoom around to find the perfect angle. Press F11 to go fullscreen!

  • Hide your UI in screenshots! Don’t have UI elements or your widget showing in screen captures.

  • Community Content Resources

    • Use Buckmonster’s Toggle Visibility template on Community Content to take screenshots. This collection includes scripts that allow the user to toggle UI, the player avatar, and various other helpful utilities perfect for cameraman mode. This may not necessarily work with every single game's UI, but hopefully, it'll get you close for yours.
    • Use standardcombo’s Cinematic Shot template on Community Content to easily set up a fancy tracking shot if you’d like to capture a .gif instead.

In addition, it is recommended to create a primary thumbnail with a custom title logo of your game.

See how this custom logo pops out-- with a white outline on text with a shadow. There’s also a very fitting custom font and color scheme to fit the game! You are absolutely allowed to use Photoshop or request the help of your friends.

It is also highly recommended to consider the Rule of Thirds in composition for a well-balanced shot. Take inspiration from these action-packed, professional screenshots below.

For the rest of your game's thumbnail screenshots, consider showing the variety of scenes, environments, and abilities from your game, as seen in the Spellshock screenshots above. Below, see how these four Core Royale screenshots also showcase that diversity well.