How to set collision to only collide with certain asset

I'm trying to make a invisible wall that would let bullet go through but not player. Anyone know how to manage collision to only block certain type.

I think that what you are trying to achieve could be achieved with teams.

In Core, Meshes have an is enemy collision enabled property which would only enable collisions for players in the 'enemy' team.

By default, the Mesh is in the team 0 the neutral team (which has no enemies), but if you assigned the invisible wall to a different team to your players e.g. team 3 then they would collide with the wall - and I think since the bullets are spawned in team 0 they would not be considered enemies and would not collide.

I hope that this helps

That can almost do it. It seems that the projectile is on the same team as the player and Im also using physics sphere wich seems to not be affected by teams. Maybe you will be able to help. I'm trying to make a dodgeball game. When the ball are on the floor, I made them physics sphere so I can make a trigger follow the ball. I had problem trying to just use a static mesh and a Trigger because the static mesh had to be in Client context for debris physics and then the trigger wouldnt work. When the player Pick them up it destroy the physics sphere and create a equipment and equip the player. From there I would like to be able to throw the ball into a projectile and when it hit the ground transform into a physics sphere again. Not sure if its the way to do it. But yea basically, the invisible wall is in the middle so the physic sphere can go through and the projectile but not the player.

Thanks for the clarification on what you are trying to achieve - I have some suggestions that might help you.

First of all, I would question whether you need a physics sphere at all. If you are only using it because you want the trigger to follow the ball then there is possibly a different approach:

There are a number of ways for communicating from the server context to a client context - such as broadcasting events or networked properties - I would recommend you keep the trigger in the server context on a static mesh and communicate to the client when the ball hits (in order to trigger the debris physics).

I would also question whether you need to destroy the sphere and create equipment, a Core Object has an attach to player function that could be used to "pick the ball up".

Throwing the ball is a tricky problem - the projectile object does make it very easy to get the ball to move to a desired location, but unless you can keep the projectile alive, it will requires a lot of destroying and spawning objects (on ball thrown, when the projectile hits a wall or the floor, when the projectile hits a player) which might not work so well in a multiplayer scenario (and the solution probably still has the downside of the projectile inheriting the team of the player that threw it). It is probably the best place to start. In my Winter Jam game (Winter Wonderland), when I wanted to make it so that the player could throw snowballs, I did take a similar approach of equiping a weapon that fired snowball projectiles, to get the feel of throwing a snowball. The more difficult solution, but probably the one that solves most of your problems would be to code up the projectile logic yourself (with the most simple approach to this being just adding an impulse to the ball). Another solution is to wait for the Sports Ball Mechanics challenge to finish and to see if any of the new Community Content fits your needs.