How to make Money save?

Good day,
i want to make a Integer / local for money and i want to save it whit player storgae, i didnt found a core documentation usw. But i activated PlayerStorgae but my Question is how to save datas / Integers!?

Thanks to all in advance.

Sorry for bumping into an old conversation. Saving integers can be done by assigning the value to a key and then saving it to player storage. Here's an example:
let money = 100; game.playerStorage.set(""money"", money);
This will save the integer value of 100 to the ""money"" key in player storage. You can retrieve the value later by using the following:
let savedMoney = game.playerStorage.get(""money""); I think you may also be interested in how to get paid by audible. So check it out.
I hope this helps!