How to make diffuse shadows?


is it possible to make diffuse shadows with point light ?
I tried several parameters and I couldn't do it.

Like the shadow on the left, as opposed to the shadow on the right :

Isn’t that determined based off the strength of the point light? I’m pretty sure the Core engine allows you to change light strength. And still leave the neon white you have currently.

No matter how much I change the parameters, power or otherwise, the details are always there.
They're just more or less transparent. There's not this diffusion of shadows.
Then maybe I'm missing something, hence my question.

Good question, I haven't tried to do that yet. I'll check into it.

So I haven't had a chance to test light specific settings yet, but I did find that you can change the shadow settings on the sunlight object

Okay, interesting to know, although I obviously can't use it as a light source in an object.