How to get an enemy to activate a trigger on overlapping with it, instead of the player?

I know how to walk through a trigger myself, but I cannot figure out how to make it so that if an enemy walks through it activates the trigger? I see the enemy walk through it, but the spawn point that the trigger is a child of never spawns. It will only spawn if I walk through it myself.
If anybody has any thoughts I would definitely appreciate the help?

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that means that you have a trigger and dont want to check if an Player walk trough it or if any of both walk trugth them? (Can you please show your Code?)
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Here is a video that solves your problem:

However, even if Arkpoint' s solution works (checking against NPC's trigger + server context which is part of all StandardCombo NPC's hierarchy) , I think giving a custom property and checking against it, would result in one test instead of two.

I did what Arkpoint said, and it worked for printing in the event log, but then I tried to get an enemy to walk through the trigger and spawn an enemy at a different ambush camp I couldn't get it to work? He told me how to change some of the script to make it work but I could not figure it out?