How to change property of chromaticEffect post process in the script?

I can't change chromaticEffect.intensity in the script. how can i change it?

All VFX are SmartObjects.

You can use the below script to retrieve all the available properties of SmartObjects.

for key, value in pairs(VFX:GetSmartProperties()) do
    print(key, value)

For Chromatic Aberration Post Process Volume the below values will be returned:

Unbounded	        true
Start Offset	    0.10000000149012
Blend Weight	    1.0
Blend Radius	    100.0
Priority	        5.0
Visible In Preview	false
Intensity	        0.40000000596046
Volume Color	    ORANGE

To set the intensity in script:

VFX:SetSmartProperty("Intensity", NEW_VALUE)

Thank you !