How to change player size

how would i make you get bigger according to a variable, so if variable equals 50, your player is 50 times bigger? is it possible?

Use the "SetWorldScale" method of the player object to change their size.

For example:

--Function called whenever a player joins the game
function OnJoin(player)
      --Set the player scale to 10 times the original size
--Bing the "OnJoin" function to the "playerJoinedEvent"

Player Documentation

Awesome, I'll probably use that at some point as well.

Hello, how do you make teams 1 large and teams 2 small? Please

You can use the SetWorldScale method to change the size of a player.

Don't know about making the player bigger but shrinking the map is simple. Just select the group containing the level and set the scale to 0.02 for 50x smaller.

Not sure if that would fit your game or if it would cause any other issues but might be worth a try :slight_smile: .

It's possible, I've seen it in Muscle Mania. I'm just not familiar with how they did it.