How to block camera up/down

Hello, we had this impostation on camera:

Top Down Camera (client)
Rotation: Base Rotation Mode : LOOK ANGLE

How to block mouse so it can move only at horizzontal possibility (no up down camera)
is it possible?

thank you


Have a look at the options under the advanced Control menu under the First (or Third, or Top Down) Person Camera Settings. Looks like it might be what you want.


@Utterly woah!!! thank you

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@Utterly hi! i've checked, this options are for the player movement. I need instead to block the camera moving :slight_smile:

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Sorry @Agrauwin . That was all I had. I noticed those settings a day before while searching the hierarchy for something else but hadn't actually played around with them. I suspect this is something that will need to be done in lua.

Perhaps raise this on the Core Creators Discord, it has more eyes on it than this forum


thanks for the info !

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