How to block camera up/down

Hello, we had this impostation on camera:

Top Down Camera (client)
Rotation: Base Rotation Mode : LOOK ANGLE

How to block mouse so it can move only at horizzontal possibility (no up down camera)
is it possible?

thank you

Have a look at the options under the advanced Control menu under the First (or Third, or Top Down) Person Camera Settings. Looks like it might be what you want.

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@Utterly woah!!! thank you

@Utterly hi! i've checked, this options are for the player movement. I need instead to block the camera moving :slight_smile:

Sorry @Agrauwin . That was all I had. I noticed those settings a day before while searching the hierarchy for something else but hadn't actually played around with them. I suspect this is something that will need to be done in lua.

Perhaps raise this on the Core Creators Discord, it has more eyes on it than this forum

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thanks for the info !