How to best report bugs

What is the preferred method to report bugs to the development team?

I found it: Use the request form:

This isn't a great method as there is no further explanation of how to review reports or their status.

Edit 2: To complete the process... After adding the report you will get e-mailed when it is added to the system. You can access your report by going to and using your email address (reset the password) you will have an account with the name generated from the e-mail address. Click the drop down on your name (top right) and click "My activities". Here are your feature requests and bug reports.

Edit 3: Well the whole process seems fairly weak. It turns out that as soon as your report is passed on to the dev team it is flagged as solved. So we basically have a mixed bug and feature request system that is not visible to other users and will, within a couple of days, show as solved.