How do I restrict player uniforms and set them to team colours to align with my game theme?

Ideally I would like to do some minimal changes to the default player models

  1. Change textures / colours
  2. Use team colours
  3. Restrict the costume themes to align with my game

I don't think you can make changes directly to a player's avatar, especially since some people have paid real cash for those appearances. Persistent avatars across all games is an advertised feature of the platform. You can add props local to your games though.

Edit: To be honest, I've been looking for ways around this myself. The only Idea I've had, and I have no idea how to work it or if it would even work, would be to make the player avatar invisible and then wear a visible animated mesh as a costume.

Damn, that's a really nasty feature. Basically no way to create a themed game.

There may be a coding workaround, but it's well beyond me or anything I've seen anyone do.