How do I mirror something to the left

How do I mirror something to the left in the Core Editor?

(It should go from this to this)

Right click on the object in the viewer, then you will see a "mirror" option in the right click menu.

I never noticed that, thanks. I've just been setting the relevant dimension size into the negative.

I've already tried that but...

Ok, try to do negative rotation



I've noticed sometimes I have to do a combination of the negative rotation and a mirror to get it right.

I tried doing negative rotations and mirrors as a merged model, a group and individually and none of that worked. I just ended up with a jumbled mess after trying pretty much everything. Definitely not a very pleasant thing to figure out right now, I'll probably just abandon this until we get some proper mirroring.

Set the x dimension into the negative. For example, if the x dimension on one is 10, set the one you want mirrored to -10.

If you want, post it to CC and let us take a crack at it and then we can post it back if we get it.

Just did, it's called "Goblin". Try to rotate the other side of the face next to the head.

Reposted as "Goblin Head"

I'll do a bit of tweaking here and there but it's very nice, thanks!