How do I make weapons damage AI?

I am new to core so sorry if this is very simple, but I am trying to make an RPG game and I downloaded an npc ai kit. I tried downloading weapons from the community content section but when I use them they do not damage the enemy. The only weapons that do any damage are the default ones available from the RPG framework. How can I fix this?

If you are using exclusively v1.0 of the kit, then it is compatible with default weapons from Core Content and should work with many weapons from CC as well. Check to make sure the NPC are not on the same team as you, but I guess that's not the problem. If you have a mix of NPC kit v1.0 with older versions, you are in trouble. Best course of action is to start a blank project, import the kit from CC (or alternatively clone the NPC kit from Community Projects, saves some time) then try adding the weapons you wanted.