How do I get the name of template within a script?

I have a variable name TEAM_MARKER which gets a custom property that is a templated obj. I'm getting the template using the code below but the print statement is returning nil for the name.

local TEAM_MARKER = script:GetCustomProperty("TeamMarker")
print(TEAM_MARKER .name)

How do I get the name of a template obj? Do I have you use the template id first then get the name?

TEAM_MARKER is a string with the MUID of the template. So to get the name:

-- example:  99749278BCE5DF0C:Team Marker Red

-- way #1 sign variables directly the first being a throw away
local _, teamMarkerName = CoreString.Split(TEAM_MARKER , ":")

> Team Marker Red

-- way #2 get a table by using { } around the CoreString.Split
local teamMarkerName = {CoreString.Split(TEAM_MARKER , ":")}

> Team Marker Red