How do I create customizable loudouts?

I'm making a 7v7 fps game, and I want to create customizable loadouts for players to use, with attachments and camos for them to use as well.

Hey Phoenix. That's a complicated problem with lots of pieces. I don't know if there's already something like that in CC, but you should look there first. To create it from scratch, you need to get comfortable with Core's UI system first. In terms of implementing customizable loadouts, it can broadly be thought of as two problems. First, there's the loadouts and how do players change between them? You could solve that by defining some hard-coded loadouts and work just on the part about switching between them. Second, there's the customization part. You'll need a UI screen with drag and drop. You'll have buttons and detect the press and release events on them. Each slot in the UI corresponds to a slot in the inventory. We have something like that in the MMO framework that released this last Friday, but it originally came from another inventory system that I'm not sure where, but it might be the one my Chipnertkj. Search CC for "inventory". I usually do that process in a blank project, so I can safely play around with other people's packages and figure out how they work, before adding them to my project.