How do I create a free fly cam at runtime?

Hi, new user here (from a long Unity background).

I'm just looking at Core for the first time and I've been playing with the different runtime camera settings but I can't for the life of me find out how to create a free camera that is controlled by the mouse/keys at runtime.

I'd also like to switch off the visibility of the player but cant find that either. ANy tips greatly appreciated.

Are you happy to use the player as the camera controller or do you want the camera to be some sort of out of body experience for the player where their avatar remains stationary in the game while they fly the camera off around the world?

If you are OK to use the player then set up a first person player as normal and add a script with code:

function OnPlayerJoined(player)
    player.isVisible = false


The Task.Wait(1) is to let the client get fully connected and sorted out. If we were being more rigorous we would broadcast to the server that the client was ready and then do it, but this will get you started.

In the Player Settings object make sure "Show Head to Self" is checked to avoid a shadow casting bug.

And here is the link to your discord post for the same question: Discord