How can I transfer player to a new scene

I'm trying to transfer a player to a new scene. I use a trigger with a function to press that trigger ("f" key). I then use a script for that trigger which is :

I change the sceneName with the new scene that I made but when I go into preview mode I get to the trigger and press f and nothing happens. I know I'm missing something.......Also it states on the core website that the transfer player feature doesn't work in preview mode or single player. So how am I suppose to test out my levels? Your insights are much appreciated.

---code to transfer player to a new scence---
local TRIGGER = script:GetCustomProperty("trigger"):WaitForObject()

-- Name of scene to transfer too
local sceneName = "Tutorial"

-- Transfer player when they overlap the trigger
function OnOverlap(trigger, other)
if other:IsA("Player") then


As you correctly note: You cannot test the scene transfer locally. You need to publish your game to fully test it, but you can do this privately:

In the editor you can publish the game two ways: File menu -> Publish Game. Then at the bottom there is a drop down box that says Unlisted, if you leave it at that then you will get a web link to the launch page that you can share with who you like or keep to yourself. Using the Unlisted option will mean your game does not show up in any searches or New Game listing - it is essentially private and available to just those that have the link. This is the only true test of how your game will perform when others play it.

If you select public then the game is launched for the world to see.

yeah its working now in publish mode. Thanks