How can I create shared, networked state in Core?

Is there a type of networked storage in Core that is at the game level rather than the instance or player level?

In my game, I would like to keep track of the first person to complete a challenge - conceptually the storage requirements are something similar to leaderboards (or conceivably some achievements) where the game's logic would need to use a networked storage variable because this variable would need to be available in any running instance, ideally at runtime.

As a simple example for the purpose of clarifying the question, imagine a single-player game that contains a door to a secret area. The door is locked, but there is a button and a counter - the counter shows 100 and if you press the button it decrements the counter to 99; the button is disabled for a duration of time. It would be great if this counter could be shared between all of the people playing the game at any time - they have the common goal of decrementing this counter to 0 before the door is unlocked for everyone playing the game at the current time or in the future.

Looking at the Core API documentation, I am unable to find a suitable way to access and update some shared state between game instances. The closest solution that I have found would be to use the leaderboard to share data globally, but I would be using the leaderboard in a way that it was not designed to be used.

Is there a way to share and modify a variable (state) between multiple instances of a game (that is not tied specifically to a player)?

Hope my answer at persistent-server helps.