How attach a prop to a animated mesh (example a NPC)

hi all
i cannot find the reles to attach a prop like (for example) an helmet on the head of a npc (example a skeleton).
I find a script but i cannot understand tha logic.
what is "networking", what is "client" and so on

and, i cannot find a write tutorial where fine understood

thank to all in advance

This is a good place to get started for attaching props. I recommend his whole series on the NPC AI kit though.

yes, i find this video too, but i dont understand
there is not a written reference?

i find some reference, but how this work?

Attaching Core ObjectsΒΆ

Animated meshes cannot use actually Equipment objects the way players are, but the objects can be attached to different sockets on an animated mesh the same way equipment is attached to players.

The Bind Pose animation stance is designed to make it easy to determine where objects should be positioned relative to the mesh.

To attach objects to the appropriate mesh, you can use a script and the AttachCoreObject method. For more specific examples, see the Core API.

YourMeshName.AttachCoreObject(object, socketname)