Hiring Lua Programmer ($1K USD/month) for Nom Zoms

My studio was founded in 2010 and primarily develops on Steam, iOS and Android, however we started working with Core over 1 year ago through game jams and other Core sponsored programs through my YouTube channel. I'm also a Core Affiliate and content creator creating regular Core content.

Project Info
I'm recruiting a programmer to assist with a game that's already up on the Core Games platform called Nom Zoms, which is a Zombie Wave Survival Shooter that is popular with my Core community. It was recently launched and featured by Core. Since then my lead developer on the project has moved on to other projects within my studio that are time sensitive in nature and has no time to dedicate to Nom Zoms so I am looking for someone experienced with Core to take over the project.

We are looking to expand on some game features, weapons, add more maps and achievements. In addition to the Zombie shooter modifications, we're planning on a second game on Core which would be negotiated separately for monthly payment so there is plenty of room to grow with my studio on time and pay.

The timeline for Nom Zoms is to complete all scope within 2 months (new weapon system, new achievements system, map voting, addition of a map to be provided + overall UX improvements.) Time commitment is flexible.

Payment is $1K USD/month via PayPal and will be under a 2 month contract with ability to renew and expand on future projects.

If you're interested you can reach out to me here via DM or via Discord (DV#1337), please provide examples of your previous work on Core.