Help with RTS game settings

I’m new to core and game development as a whole and want to create an RTS game but I’m unsure where to start exactly to do this, I see the documentation which explains how to change the camera position which I think might be a good place to start, as core defaults to the third person camera that follows your avatar.

I’m wondering if anyone has created an RTS before in core and how you went about doing it, or if anyone has some tips, it would be greatly appreciated. Also I’m unsure how to have selectable multiple units that have an AI (attacking enemy etc). Is it just a model that you create and add an AI script to it?

Any help or suggestions is extremely appreciated, like I said, I’m totally new to this and any help you can think of is welcomed.

Welcome to Core! The first thing to do is get familiar with the toolset. There's plenty of resources to get started with:

These Courses should give you a good overview, particularly the certification set and Intro to Lua

Getting Started Lets you make some games with some guidance based on existing templates. It's worth doing all of them to get the experience.

This is the reference for the Lua scripting language in Core.

As you may notice, the help forum can be a little quiet (something I am trying to improve!) so if you have a quick question, it is also worth heading over to Core Community, which looks a bit full-on at first, but the useful channels are near the end of the list under Learn Together - (learn-core, ask-anything and lua-help).

Back to your questions:
There is no community content that I have seen for an RTS template. This is probably because it covers such a large amount of potential game content and requires multiple complex systems.

Rather than diving into developing a full on RTS as your first game, I would suggest you try to come up with a simpler, smaller game concept that uses a small aspect of your bigger idea e.g. One type of AI unit and a fixed base design for the player. This way you can have achievable goals whilst still building objects that will be useful learning for your bigger idea. Your first game doesn't have to be a great game, it's far more useful as a learning experience for you to understand the whole game making process.

Thank you for your response @RedQuad i appreciate it. I’ll definitely go through the courses first, that’s a good idea to get used to how everything works etc.

I’ve been messing around with it the last few days and have got a handle on how the terrain editor works (really impressed how easily the software makes this) and got some practice placing some premade core assets and looking at the community shared assets and importing one of those into the world. Messed with water and lighting etc. there are some great tutorials on the core YouTube page. I’m excited to check out the courses on the core website and see what the offer.

I also seen a boot camp, that seems like a lot of fun, I’ll probably want to join that after I publish something.

You make a good point, starting small is probably best and not starting with something huge for my first project, as it can be overwhelming and turn someone off from game development.

I’m really surprised this software is free, I understand the 50/50 split when you monetize your game, this seems extremely generous.