Help with GunGame framework

Hi all!

  1. I want to change the number of kills per game. I edit the Kill Indicator Message parameter MaxKill and nothing changes :frowning: no matter what parameter I set, the game still goes by default to five kills. How can I fix this?

  2. I added various new weapons to the level. But after the end of the game, the winner has the weapon from the previous game in his hands and the weapon from the new game is added to his hand. How to reset all the parameters to the initial state of the winner? RemovePlayerEquipment(player) in EquipmentManagerServer doesn't work :frowning:
    Also, when starting a new game, the level is also not updated, and the weapon that I added does not appear.

  3. How to add a reward to the winner after the end of the game? I add my "money bag" object I created to GivePlayerEquipment(killer) and it doesn't work :frowning: Help plz!

'Kill Indicator Message' is only for on-screen UI, modify 'Round Team Score Limit' for game kills.