Help with Battle Royale inventory mechanics

Players can only pick up one weapon, and when that new weapon is picked up, the previous disappears. Occasionally players can hold up to 3 weapons but this seems to be at random. I have looked through the loot and basic inventory code and can't find any fixes to the weapon destroying and only 1 weapon issue. Any help would be much appreciated

i am facing this problem too. the default weapons have this pickup script that doesn't destroy them. I tried to add that script to my new weapons but still the get destroyed. i am still looking for a solution.

Have you by any chance found the solution?

I just saw this post again. I found a solution for it a long, long time ago, just after a few days of posting this comment. To solve this issue, when you are using the battleroyale framework, get any of the default weapons from the loot table and you will find the trigger in them. The Trigger has a script in it. Just copy and paste the script into whatever weapon you want and it will all work fine.

@Cyanex1702 How do I find the loot table?

You can find it in game setting.