Help to do something interesting

Good evening dear fellow creators, I am needing help to resolve a question that I have regarding whether it is possible to make it so that when a player joins the game, only his head is seen, I plan to make a special clothing for the player but I want it to be see your head for me to make the suit

Unfortunately you can't. Your only choices are:

Set player visibility via player.isVisible(bool) this just controls the visibility of the complete player and all equipment with inherited visibility. So you can use this to completely replace the player with your own avatar.

Hide the player head from the local camera with Player Settings - Visual, Show Head to Self - this is mostly just to clear the fov for first person cameras.

You can't hide the player hair independently of the head; making open face helmets very ugly for all female heads (big hair), even if your players do not pick a crazy head.

I think the player avatar setup in core is one of its big weaknesses at the moment: They want players to buy custom skins and play one character in the metaverse, but there is no refinement available to allow that avatar to blend in with the genre of the game. I think they really need a customizable, near naked humanoid as a base avatar (the player) that can be clothed and have hair modified by in game/player options. Hopefully, they will get around to this change.

Thank you very much, I assumed it because I have searched the entire engine for something similar that allows it and it is not possible but I was hoping that I was wrong. And reference to hide the player, I knew about that modality however, we think the same about your last opinion.