Help for the temp script

hello everyone, I would like to know if there are any tutorials on time. in fact i want to make an object disappear but just for a moment. if you have any ideas it would be great :grin:

Add a trigger event with it setting the object to force off visibility. Then a task.wait(1) which will make it wait 1 second and then force on the visibility.

great thank you thank you thank you, I will try it😁

first of all thanks again for helping me, it worked. but i try to make the player invisible but its telling me values ​​nil. you would have another idea for me please :hugs::grin:

You have to define the local player would be my guess but I'm not 100% sure I haven't done anything with players yet

ok and how do you do it?

Local player = Game.GetLocalPlayer()
Idk about player visibility someone that knows way more than me would have to help you with that

no it's already a lot that you did for me, it helped me a lot. I will continue my research or post a help message if I can't find