Help for sprint

Hi all, i want know if i can do a Sprint movement so walk normal/ walk fast by press a button.
Thank you very much and sorry for english

Hi KingImmortal,

In Community Content, there is an opensource "Shift To Sprint" which you can drag-and-drop into your project and customize walk/run speeds within. :slight_smile:

If you'd like to make your own code, a rudimentary implementation would be like so:
(1) In the toolbar, navigate to View.
(2) In the dropdown menu under View, select "Script Generator"
(3) Open the dropdown to "Event: Binding Pressed/Released"
(4) Change the binding to "ability_feet" which is the keybind for the "Shift" key.
(5) Create a New Script
(6) Add two lines of code within the "if-then statements" to modify the player's speed.

It'd look something like this for example. Hope that gives you a good starting point. :slight_smile:

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thank you gabunir