Help a newcomer rate his game

GAME VERSION: *1.0.0 *
GAME LINK: ERA Parkour OBBY by ZereonG - Core Games

A obstacle course/parkour/OBBY game were you have to jump obstacle from different element and nature to the next checkpoint and reach the end in the fastest time.

As Soon I pass the probation I will add more obstacles and terrain to the first map and add new roads/courses to play, Hope to get reviews and comments to see what to improve or fix, Will have better texture and more decoration and new courses

log of your game's version notes, copy from game page. example:
1.0.0 - Initial release



I'm a gamer and wanted to try making games, is my first game, please help and I appreciated the reviews and support, thanks

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I tried your game, courses are not my thing (it annoys me) I had a hard time but in the end it was fun. You should make a time to show that it is possible.

The message at the beginning, the font size is too big.
The cacti were difficult because they are small but not impossible.
For the corals, you shouldn't make a difference between real and fake, it allows the player to remember the way.
For the forest, I think that too many identical branches are strange
For each zone, they should be surrounded by more scenery so that you can't see the horizon

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