Halloween Prop Pack - Community Content

TEMPLATE NAME: Halloween Prop Pack

Prop Modelling and basic example scene: MissT
Animation, Interactions, Documentation etc: Fazz
Community Content used for animating: Ease3D - Nicolas Foreman

========== INTRODUCTION ==================================================-

For this community content we have tried to create a range of props that are usable mainly for Halloween, but also perhaps other fantasy builds too. There are a number of static props along with a range of animated props which are configurable to suit your requirements.

The template pack contains a __README file/template that documents all of the specific settings that apply to the pack and also each animated prop, so please refer to it for detailed guidance.

The pack also includes a basic example scene so that you can see how the props could be placed or used. This scene contains a skybox and lighting/post processing, so if this clashes with your environment then please just remove it.

Unless specifically noted, each animated prop has been created to function without any modification of assets and can be configured through simple 'Custom Settings' to behave as either:

  • Just as a prop - e.g a model just for static placement within an environment.
  • An automatically animated Prop - e.g. an prop which help provides atmosphere to an environment by running automatically at selected random intervals.
  • Trigger based animated prop - e.g. a prop which is only animated via a trigger (either an overlap or interaction) - creating more direct player interactions.

========== TEMPLATES INCLUDED IN THIS PACK =====================================--

A range of static props for direct copy and paste into your environment. These templates cover a wide range of items to help you decorate your Halloween rooms.

A couple of creepy paintings for your room

  • Painting Apple With Worm
  • Painting Botanical
  • Painting Haunted House

Some furniture, shelves and apothecary items

  • Cabinet 1, Cabinet 2, Cabinet 3
  • Desk
  • Fireplace
  • Shelf Apothecary Equipment, Shelf Apothecary Equipment 2
  • Shelf Curved, Shelf Hanging Herbs, Shelf With Pouches

Freestanding props and decorative items

  • Apothecary Equipment, Apothecary Equipment 2
  • Bookholder
  • Bookstand 1, Bookstand 2
  • Broom
  • Cabinet Insect Pupae
  • Crystal Ball
  • Hanging Symbol
  • Ladders
  • Magical Incense Burner
  • Sand Timer
  • Weighing Scales

A range of Animated templates to copy and paste into your environment and provide spooky interest and interactivity.

  • Animated Apothecary Cabinet - (A magical apothecary cabinet that opens and closes)
  • Animated Bat Single - (A simple bat with flapping wings)
  • Animated Bat Teleporting Single - (A simple bat with flapping wings that teleports)
  • Animated Bat Cloud - (A stream (cloud) of flying animated bats which travel from a start to finish area)
  • Animated Cauldron - (A spooky cauldron that adds random ingredients and then stirs them in along with magical effects)
  • Animated Chandelier - (A haunted rotating magical Chandelier with candles - tilts in random directions back and forth)
  • Animated Closed Book - (A simple closed book which can magically open its cover and close again)
  • Animated Evil Gumball Machine - (An Evil Gumball Machine that really wants you to use it and then laughs at you)
  • Animated Lecturn Book - (A book for placement on a lecturn. The book opens and closes in a possessed flappy manner)
  • Animated Lecturn Book Flat - (A flat version of a book for placing on a surface. The book opens and closes in a possessed flappy manner)
  • Animated Picture Eyes - (A subtle creepy painting where the eyes can follow you around the room)
  • Animated Picture Face - (An unexpected surprise painting where the portraits face jumps out of the frame at you and then back into it again)
  • Animated Skeleton Window Boo - (A breezy window from behind which a skeleton jumps up with a 'boo' prior to it moving back down out of sight again)
  • Animated Skeleton Cupboard Door - (A closet that opens and closes its door and a skeleton grabs at you as it opens)
  • Animated Trap Door Eyes - (An eerie false trap door that opens slightly and an evil pair of eyes appear to watch you)
  • Animated Trap Door Hands - (This false trap door opens slightly to reveal a pair of monster hands gripping the edge of the trap door frame)
  • Animated Trap Door Usable - (Functional trap door for use within an environment. It can be used as a real or false trap-door)


We hope that you enjoy using these templates for your builds and look forwards to seeing the results!

(If for some reason you find any bugs, problems or have any questions about this community content then please contact me via discord: Fazz#6800)