Half pipe for racing

Hello, I would like to create a snowboard type game and as a new comer to game development I'm struggling to find how I'd make something like an half pipe. Like this

There are shapes close to it in the core content tab, the thing is that I want the slope to not be straight. So sometimes the slope would go down, then back up, and down. In order to do that I cannot use the basic shapes of core. Unless it's possible to skew them somehow ? is it possible ?

How would one go about doing something like this ?

Hey! It's possible to skew, stretch and resize objects in Core. I definitely think it's possible for you to create a half-pipe like this. To make the snowboarding "feel" the way you want it to, you might need to change or re-program the physics of your game however. I'm not too familiar with this though but there are good examples of other creators having made snowboarding simulators on the Core Discord server. I'd really recommend checking it out and asking around for help there!

It is the reality. The core engine does not have the Editable poly / Editable Mesh function, but it is replaced by simplicity in creation.
Core has piles of material and objects and scripts.
I work and create with UE4 and I know what it is like to monitor each object, if it has enough LOD objects, create instances of material (non-recurring tiling textures) and always have everything perfectly named and I only create a walkthrough for arch visualization and 3d studios for virtual events :-):slight_smile:
and make all models in 3s Max and textures in Photoshop after export to UE4.