Gun doesn't work correctly

I have been trying to make a gun in the farming framework. I succesfully made the gun show in the inventory and work like normal, the only difference is that the gun for some reason doesn't shoot. I don't understand why.

We need a bit more to go on here:

If you copy the gun and paste it into an empty, new game can your character use it with the full functionality that you intend? Make sure it works outside of any more sophisticated frameworks / inventory systems before adding it to them if you can.

If you put one of the standard core guns into your scene or scene + inventory system, does that work as you expect? We are trying to identify here if the problem is due to the gun or another system that is interfering with it.

When you say it "doesn't shoot", do you mean there is no fire action, or no weapon interaction event, or no vfx, or no sound, or no damage?

When you have identified the most basic setup you can get where it does not work, list the changes from the last time it did work. If you can't get it to work anywhere, even in a new, empty game, then list how you made the gun. If you can get it to work, then slowly add in the other systems it interacts with until it stops working and list the changes.

It can help to post images of the hierarchy of the gun (expanded).

Post the script (please use </> code tags) that contains the targetImpactedEvent and any equippedEvent you may have.

Hi, i copied the gun and pasted it into a new game and it worked there correctly. I also tried to put a standard core gun into the game, and it also didn't work. I believe that player punching is the reason why the gun doesn't work, because i hear punch sounds when i try to shoot.

Ah, it all makes sense now. When the farming framework starts it adds a "Hand Tool Ability" to the scene. As only one ability can be active at a time this is preventing the weapon Fire Ability from working.

I don't know the farming framework so I can't suggest a quick fix to this. It is probably worth posting this on the Discord Server so that some of the farming framework users can offer an opinion.

Okay, thanks.