Guardians of the Multiverse

GAME NAME: Guardians of the Multiverse
GAME LINK: Guardians of the Multiverse by CardinalZebra - Core Games

Guardians of the Multiverse its co-op clicker / idle RPG game.
Explore Multiverse and protect it from various dangers and threats. Fight with monsters, upgrade your character and collect new equipment.


  • Fixes and game changes based on feedback
  • New game worlds with new equipment and enemies
  • New game system like: pets, various character abilities, "harder" worlds

1.0.2 - Initial release
• Currently three worlds available. ( Realm of Dungeon Master, Realm of Zombie Infection and Cube world ) More worlds will be available with game updates.
• Each world contains unique enemies, loot, bosses and legendary equipment
• Visit Soul Forge to reset your game progress and unlock new upgrades
• Don't forget to spend stats point when you Leveled Up
• Spend gold for upgrades in Hero Menu


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So I opened the Game and the very First thing I see is: "Buy a Membership" for 750 Core Coins.
I start playing and notice the Animated Icon at the Top, so I click that. What do I see? Buy Starter Pack for 250 Core Coins. I play for another 10 seconds and notice the Menu at the top right. I click armory and what do I see? Loot Boxes for more Core Coins.

This Game as literally no tutorial besides the two sentences on the starting page and barely any gameplay, but offers to purchases things for days and days. Not a good way to start release day.

Also 750 Coins is A LOT for Core Games not even highly established games offer that expensive ingame purchases.

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Some changes since game release:
Update #1
• Tutorial added
• Leaderboard added
• Gold drop animation added
• UI improvements ( notifications and info tooltips )
• Option to buy 5 day membership

Update #2
• New World "Streets Of Fury"
• Player nameplates added
• Elite enemies and bosses now drops additional gold
• Enemies drop 20% more gold at Danger Level 15 and higher
• Added more info to character screen
• Some UI Improvements
• Gold and EXP boosters added to shop

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New Update!

• Item Levels - Gain more stats bonuses with higher level items.
• Achievements - Unlock achievements and gain rewards: RP, Gems, Soul Stones.
• More stat points per level - Now each level of character grant 3 Stats Points instead of 1. For MK members this number increased to 6.
• Armory Levels - Armory level affects equipment level and amount of resources that you will get from lockboxes.