Game thumbnails not appearing in the Play window

I have a pupil who cannot browse the available games in his Core profile. The Tabs are visible at the top (Core World - Play - Character - Shop - Create) but the game thumbnails inside of Play are not appearing.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

I have a friend who was having the same issue. Had her do a fresh install, check firewall settings, check for hardware/os updates, and restart the game and PC multiple times with no luck. She was able to join games through a browser on Core's website, but then would crash out of Oberhasli I think once more people started joining.

She has really bad internet and would frequently disconnect from other games like Dying Light and Destiny 2. So... I'm wondering if it has something to do with network requirements? Not sure how demanding Core is in comparison to other multiplayer games.

Everything seems to be fine my end, and am seeing no reports in the community.

Ask the pupil to restart Core (close it from the task tray as well), and if it is still an issue, ask them to submit a ticket by visiting the link below.