Function Running Twice but Not Sure What I am Doing Wrong

Slinkous helped me in Discord with part of my issue but then I am having an additional problem. I am using the the Core Content Victory Announcer game logic component. It seems like the first function in that component is running the script twice and I can't figure out why. It looks like this in the code...

function OnPlayerVictory(player)
    Events.BroadcastToAllPlayers("BannerMessage", string.format("%s wins!",
    player.kills = player.kills + 1
    print("Testing if this ran")

Any ideas why that is happening? Here is what I am seeing.

Appreciate the help and time!

It could be that the "PlayerVictory" Event is being Broadcasted from two scripts


Yep! You are absolutely correct. I am also using the Round Survivor Victory and that broadcasts to all those events as well. Thanks so much! I may be able to move my initial code or determine if I need both of these or just one.

EDIT: Well... maybe not. Actually that is the initial call of that function. I don't see anything calling it twice yet but I am still hunting.

Ok. I am dumb. I had TWO... yes TWO... Victory Announcer Components in the hierarchy. I feel like an idiot. At any rate your answer brought me to looking through things more carefully. REALLY appreciate you kicking me in the proper direction.

Moral of the story. Don't put two components in when you only need one! HA!

Haha that's awesome :+1: