[Framework] Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek Framework

This is a very rudimentary Hide and Seek Framework made in about two hours on CoreLive.

What it includes:

  • Interactable Trigger for one player to start the game
  • Ability for seeking player to tag other players by clicking
  • Handling player disconnects
  • Round timer

What it does not have:

  • Any UI, or really feedback for players. This is a barebones system, and it will need more scripting for players to actually know what is going on.
  • A map. Really, it's just a lonely little tree on a default floor.

Design Doc

Starting the Game

  • One player decides to start the game
  • Need at least two players to play
    • List of the current players
  • Interactable Trigger to start
  • No new game can start once one is running

Playing the Game

The Countdown

  • Seeker can't move
  • Show a countdown
  • … What can they see?

Tagging Players

Ending the Game

Hiders Win

  • Time runs out
  • Seeker leaves or dies

Seeker Wins

  • All players are found or disconnect/die

What Happens Next

  • Game just ends, and someone else can start a new one

How to Find People

  • How does tagging actually work?
  • Ability Target to tag players

Situations to Handle

  1. The Seeker Disconnects/Dies
  2. A Hider Disconnects/Dies
  3. A New Player Joins in the Middle of the Game

What Information Do People Need

  • Who is who, and who you're hiding from
  • Who has been found, who is still hiding
  • How long is the round/how much time is left
  • Time in Countdown (which round phase we're in)
  • When there aren't enough people to play
  • Who won

Stretch Goals

  • Let players opt in and out

I'm making a City Game and Hide and Seek would be an awesome, fun feature to have! Thank you for making this for us @disastronaut :heart:


Here's the info on using os.time() and formatting with os.date()


And here's the game link, although it really needs some improvement from all you talented creators!:

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