PLAYER COUNT: 2-8 players
GAME LINK: FFArena by Nan0teck - Core Games

Just your standard free-for-all with a more classic arcade shooter feel. Take advantage of fast movement and double jumps to get an edge on your opponents. First to 10 kills wins.

You start with a burst-fire pistol, but replacing it is recommended. Only one weapon can be carried at a time; replace your current weapon by picking up another.

There are a total of 11 different weapons in the game; 10 of them are scattered across the map, including:

  • 2 explosive weapons
  • 3 laser weapons
  • 5 ballistic weapons


  • UI improvements, bug fixes, balance updates


v1.0.100 - Oct 26, 2021

  • Melee ability added (Hotkey: V | 40 damage)
  • Recoil added to all weapons

v1.0.82 - Oct 19, 2021

  • Minor gfx/vfx improvements
    • Ballistic weapons now eject shell casings when fired
    • The revolving drums on Silenced Revolver and Grenade Launcher now actually rotate when fired (though a bit less obvious on the Revolver in first person)
    • Changed explosion vfx for Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher
    • Improved firing vfx for all laser weapons
    • Added a laser effect for the laser sight attachments on the Burst Pistol and Silenced Revolver

v1.0.71 - Oct 14, 2021

  • Added monthly and lifetime kill leaderboards
  • Minor UI improvements

  • Suicides and environmental deaths now penalize the player (-1 killscore)

  • Player movement speed slightly decreased

  • Player and weapon size slightly increased

  • Health packs can now overheal with decay over time

  • Weapon balance changes:

    • (Pulse) Shotgun spread slightly increased, fire rate slightly decreased
    • Tracer Rifle damage slightly increased, burst fire cooldown slightly decreased
    • Grenade Launcher projectile speed increased, damage slightly increased, reload speed slightly decreased
    • Rocket Launcher damage increased, reload speed slightly decreased
  • Automated turrets have been added to the map on the way to the Rocket Launcher room (they can be destroyed and will also respawn shortly after being destroyed)

  • There are now 3 player damage zones: head/neck, torso, limbs

  • Headshot multiplier reduced to 1.5x from 2.0x; base (torso) damage slightly increased to compensate

  • New damage multipliers:

    • Headshot = 1.5x (rounded up)
    • Torso = 1.0x
    • Limbs = 0.8x (rounded up)
  • The entire map has been retextured to give it some visual diversity

  • Health pickups take slightly longer to respawn

  • Portals on the 2nd floor have been removed

  • Jump pads have been added to the 1st floor, opening up an alternate route between the 1st and 2nd floors

  • New weapon: Pulse Shotgun

  • Pulse Shotgun now spawns where the Grenade Launcher used to spawn

  • Grenade Launcher now spawns where the Rocket Launcher used to spawn

  • New area added

  • Rocket Launcher now spawns in the new room, making it much more out of the way to get to

Major weapon rebalancing:

  • Projectile speeds of ballistic and laser weapons greatly increased; projectile speeds of explosive weapons slightly increased
  • Base damage and reload speeds slightly increased for all weapons
  • Shotgun pellets now spawn from the point of the barrel
  • Tracer Rifle changed to a 5 round burst fire configuration; damage, fire rate and ammo capacity have been adjusted