Farming Framework Bug Tracker

Hi everybody, I am developing a game using the new Farming Framework. I have noticed some recurring issues that seem to be part of the framework. I thought it would be helpful to create a place to report and track these bugs. If anyone else is having issues with the farming framework, please post to this topic. Maybe we can help fix these problems, or at least find workarounds.

Game tested:

Bugs found:

  1. Dropping Inventory: Fast swapping items within the inventory screen causes them to drop on the ground. Clicking the space in-between inventory squares causes the items in those two slots to drop on the ground.

  2. Broken Inventory: Fast-clicking within the inventory screen seems to cause a state where the player can no longer: move items within the same inventory, move items between different inventories, drop items from inventory. The player can still: pickup dropped items, equip items by clicking on them in the inventory panel - number keys assigned to the inventory hotbar no longer work in this state.

  3. Crafted Items Disappear: Sometimes items cannot be collected once crafted at a station. The collect item message and screen are not displayed. These crafted items can appear within a player's inventory later in the same session, or when a player reloads the game.

  4. Merged Inventory Items: Missing crafted items can sometimes replace existing items in an inventory slot. For example, a stack of apple seeds could be replaced by a fertilizer barrel that was previously crafted, but could not be collected.

  5. Hotkey Equip Stops Working: Hotkey selection stops working, the player cannot equip an item by pressing its corresponding number key. Only clicking the item will cause it to equip. This behavior seems related to the inventory slot, not the item itself.

  6. Cannot Place Chest: Sometimes players can not place storage chests on their lot.

  7. Floating Players: When joining the game, other players may appear to be sliding or floating. This seems to stop after a short time, but can happen again when players transfer between areas.

SOLVED # 7: Remove the “floors” from area loading templates. Leave the roads/ground in the world so they are NOT spawned with the template. Since this change was made there have been no “floating” players during playtests.

  1. Players Stuck Between Areas: Sometimes players become “stuck” when transferring between areas. Templates do not load and the player cannot move. Sometimes the player has to reload the game, other times the problem seems to resolve itself after the player tries moving/jumping for a short time.

  2. Invisible Placed Objects: Some areas do not show placed objects when a player transfers to them. Placed objects have collision, but are not visible. Everything in the area appears once the player places a new object.

  3. Missing Mushroom in Recipes: Mushroom item not appearing in recipes that require it (cookstove). Cannot use harvested mushrooms to make meals. Icon in recipe listing is a white square with static quantity.

SOLVED # 10: Found incorrect Item Id in the Recipes table. The 3rd InputItemID for Udon Noodles and Mushroom Perogies is currently listed as "Mushroom". This does not match any ID in the Items Table. Changed value to "Brown Mushroom" to match the Item ID in the Items table. This resolved the issue.

  1. Fertilizer not consumed: Fertilizer is not used when placed on crops, resulting in infinite fertilizer.

SOLVED # 11: Fertilized crops in the Producer Buffs table have the ToolsConsumedWhenAdded field set to zero (other than carrots). Change this value to 1 so it will use one fertilizer when applied to crops.

  1. Cannot Plant Soybeans: Soybeans (crafted at the cooking table) cannot be planted in soil.

SOLVED # 12: There is a typo in the Producers table, the column SourceItemId for Soybean Plant 2 is set to Soybean. This should be set to Soybeans (add an "s") to fix the problem.

If anyone is also having these issues, or has found new ones, please post a reply describing what happened and I will add it to the report.

Farming always involves bugs! :smiley: