Failed to find a asset manifest when trying to spawn asset object

I have made an ability template, but I keep getting the "Failed to find a asset manifest when trying to spawn asset object" error.

I am getting a reference to the template, but when I try to run a World.SpawnAsset( I keep getting this.

I am attempting to set an ability on a player when they join. I've tried the code directly from the docs and it doesn't work either.

Hi Bartimus, that ability issue sounds frustrating! I'm a newbie programmer myself so I don't know the answer yet! I'm going to copy your question into the Lua Help channel in Core's Discord community, because the Discord is very active and has a lot of great volunteer helpers in there. These forums are growing too, but at the moment Discord's got a bit more action. I can report back here if I get info, and you may also enjoy joining the Discord if you haven't already! Core Creators.

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Hello! Also, if you have an asset reference to the template, you don't need to do as the asset reference is the MUID itself, so you should just be able to do: World.SpawnAsset(ability_template)

Also, @BlueClairey, it looks like you did an answer instead of a comment. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Video on the error/solution (I think) Core | Forums - Failed to find a asset manifest when trying to spawn asset object - YouTube

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Dang it lol. Thanks for answering though!

I know it's been months, but I recently got the same error, so for anyone else:
It turned out that I had accidentally set the Custom Property to a Core Object Reference instead of an Asset Reference by dragging a template instance from the hierarchy instead of the template itself from the Project Content. I had to delete and recreate the Custom Property using the real template, and that cleared up the error for me.