Evil Monsters NPC Pack

TEMPLATE NAME: Evil Monsters NPC Pack


Pack of 15 fully funcionnal enemy NPCs seperated in 3 sets of 5, with an overall theme of dark fantasy, inspired by games such as Diablo or Grim Dawn. They can easily be used in any fantasy game diverse but recognizable mobs.

The 3 different themes are the following:

  • Skeleton: Customized based on the standard skeleton mesh of Core and made to resemble enemies commonly found in most RPGs. The boss is named Bone Giant (melee).

  • Necro: Designed to look like a dark cult, with corrupted and evil powers. The boss is named Infernal Lord (range).

  • Beastbone: Made to look like demonic creatures born of occult rituals and such. The boss is named Wendigo (melee).

Each set contains 5 NPCs, each was designed with an intended role corresponding to the classic types of enemies players encounter in RPGs:

  • Basic: Designed to be a weak melee mob and the most numerous and easily killable enemy the player will face. As such it has the lowest core object count of the 5 roles.

  • Melee: A strong melee enemy that can act as an elite or more dangerous mob. Designed to look tougher and more intimidating than the Basic NPC.

  • Range: Enemy that attacks from afar, designed with a custom projectile attack.

  • Caster: Designed to look like a mage type enemy, also comes with a custom range attack.

  • Boss: Larger enemy made to look the most menacing. It is designed as an exceptional mob and
    therefore is made of more objects for more details. The Necro boss has a range attack but the 2 others are melee.

All of these NPCs have custom weapons with VFX included. They also have custom SFX and animations that fit their intended theme. However the caster and Boss NPCs do not have any extra abilities included such as spells or special attacks, you must make these yourselves if you wish to have them.

These roles reflect only the design I intended, but each NPC can of course be used however you wish. I do recommend using the boss NPC only for its role though, as its design has a larger performance cost.


All of the NPCs were created based on NPC templates from standardcombo’s “NPC AI kit” which can be found in the Community Content, all the scripts come from there.

The NPC AI Kit can be found in the Community Content

For the NPCs to work, you must have the “Combat Dependecies” script. To do so follow these steps:

  • Download the “Combat Dependecies” script from the Community Content, (the script is made by Standardcombo, see picture underneath).

  • Drag and drop the script into your hierarchy.

  • When you enter your game, NPCs should now move and attack you.


If you wish to know more on how to setup enemy NPCs in your game, with elements such as weapons and respawns, I recommend you download the NPC AI Kit CC (it’s easy, it’s the most downloaded of them all).

NPC Stats:
You can change most of the stats such as health, speed or vision radius in the custom properties of the NPC's template (see following picture). There is a wealth of different stats that can be modified, all of them have a description bubble to describe its use.


Combat stats however are located in the custom properties of the “NPCAttackServer” script located in the “ServerContext” file in the template. There you can change the damage the NPC does to players and other NPCs, as well as projectile speed for range attacks (see following picture).


I have left the standard stats for all the NPCs in this pack, with the exception of the health of Bosses which is increased to 5000.

I hope you enjoy these NPCs and find a good place for them in your game. If you like their design, I have another CC named “Death Totems Pack” which contains props using the same 3 themes as those found in this pack and fit perfectly for any environment these NPC might evolve in, don’t hesitate to use them!