Event Log Warnings, from Framework templates

First off, I am a total noob when it comes to game development and understanding Lua. I am trying to become self taught with this platform. So please excuse my lack of proper terminology in this field. With that said, here is my question:

I started to use the Dungeon framework template to get me started in the field, and I uploaded a heightmap that I created in photoshop. all went well there. I made a swimmable lake off the corner of the map, all went well there. Except the post-processing underwater boundary box is always showing on my map, that's another topic...

Anyway, I have been getting Event Log warnings when I preview my map, and I barely did anything. I will post a snippet to show what comes up. Is this something I should worry about at his point in my build? or am I missing something?

Core needs to go through and update some of their frameworks after the last lua changes.

Thank you for taking the time to respond..

So for the time being I can continue my build? Any updates to the framework will be automatically applied to any in-process builds?

Unfortunately no, any updates Core makes to their frameworks won't affect your existing project. Once the project is started, you'll have to apply any changes manually. When a specific script triggers a warning and you can't sort it out, Core's discord is probably your best bet for getting help. It has for me when this has happened to me in the past, as I am most definitely not a programmer.

This is good to know! thank you so much for the help. I will check out the discord page for sure.

Hello friend

Open (double click) on AbilityDisplayClient script, scroll down to line 53, there you will find actionBinding being used in code, now replace actionBinding for actionName.

if ability.actionBinding == BINDING

change to

if ability.actionName == BINDING


I did see line 53 with said script, and I had no idea what needed to be done. But this is highly helpful. Thank you so much dude!

I will try this after work once I get home!