Error when trying to create a template

I've created a model from the supplied primitives. I've added them all to a group. I'm now trying to make the group into a template for re-use. I get an error message whenever I click on "Create new template from this". The pop-up window is titled "INVALID TEMPLATE" and the message is "Some of these objects cannot be in a template" with a button to Show Objects. When I click to Show Objects, it highlights various objects in the model but doesn't give a clue as to WHY they are not allowed in templates.

I'm probably missing something, but any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi, MeleeMouth. Thanks for trying Core!
There are currently two types of objects that can't be included in templates: Terrain, and other templates. Hopefully in your case, it's just other templates, because the fix for that is pretty easy. When you click that Show Objects button to highlight whatever template instances are included in your model, you can then right-click on those objects and select "Deinstance These Objects". You should then be able to create your new template.
This does sound like a flow that we could definitely improve the user experience on, so thanks for posting your question.

That worked like a charm. Thanks for the prompt response. I'd say there should be a list of error messages somewhere for creators to look up. That would certainly make life a little easier.