EmberLine (Beta)

EmberLine (Beta)
Max Players 10
Core Version 1.9.9
Game Version 0.5 (Beta)
Game Link - EmberLine (Beta) by Its_Dallas - Core Games

  • Description -

EmberLine is a Third Person Shooter built around intense combat in a Take & Hold style.

There are two capture points, Alpha, and Bravo, Each teams objective is to hold the majority of the capture points by the end of the round to win.

Controls - Standard FPS, Walk with WASD, Shoot with Left mouse button.

  • EmberLine Roadmap -

-Add more capture points.
-Expand map and/or add a new map
-Add combat vehicles, (Trucks with mounted guns, etc)
-Increase player count

  • Version 0.5 Notes -

Version 0.5, Fixed - Camera placement issue, Capture Points not working, vehicle spawning bugs, player had no head.

Added- Over the shoulder camera.
New vehicles.
and Reduced Capture points from three to two.

  • Side Notes-

This Is the first game I've made that's actually playable and working.
Feedback is much appreciated.