Dynamic spawning in order to save Networked ressources

Hi there !

I've got a tree that has 4 networked object as you can see below :

For 32 players on my map it counts for arround 120 networked objects and obviously i would like to have more than 30 trees on my map.

The solution i found is to dynamicly spawn them.
Using damageable object or something like that :

With low HP this template could be destroyed after one hit and spawn the previous one.
That would cut my Networked object by half... not so bad but not enough to me.

Does someone have a better way to do it ? I'll take any tips or tricks :wink:


Firstly, I'd think really hard about whether you need 32 players to make it work. 4-8 can give a nice feel to a place without making network data a complete pain. Because, with 32 on anything other than a social server you are going to be constantly battling network problems.

Have you looked at using Shared Assets ? You will lose some flexibility with these and may introduce some conflicts between clients, but it is probably worth making a little demo to test out how it would work. I've not used them for anything as complex as your concept here - so this may be bad advice, but worth checking.

You may also want to check out using Local Context . This will have some pro's and con's.

I'm gonna try to make something from the Local context and will return with the result. Also gonna check the Shared asset tuto.


Good answer .... LOCAL Context + 1 scirpt monitoring damageables in this context

Thanks @RedQuad !!

Glad that worked - just be sure to test that in multiplayer to make sure it behaves how you want when there is more than one player interacting with a tree.