Dungeon Obby Adventure!

GAME NAME: Dungeon Obby Adventure!
GAME LINK: Dungeon Obby Adventure by TaoOfChaos - Core Games

Take a wonderous fast-moving journey Into the Deep, fighting forces that try to stop you as you run and jump your way to the boss battle finale.

  • Easy mode
  • XP Rank system where player gains more health, gets access to more powerful weapons for faster runs
  • Leaderboard
  • Join in progress system, players can lock server and play solo
  • Controller and Keyboard support


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planned updates, additions, fixes, enhancements

Upgrades will continue to be made if this game increases daily active users.

Update 1 - if we get 10+ dau
* An additional difficulty level introduced
* Aesthetic upgrades
* Stats added (adds killed, minibosses killed, bosses killed, obbies on map 1 completed)
* New leaderboard added for new difficulty level
Update 2 - if we maintain 10+ dau
* Add another difficulty level
* Aesthetic upgrades
* Add player inventory, so they can access their weapons whenever they want
* 1-2 more weapons
* 1-2 more costumes
* Additional leaderboard for this difficulty
Update 3 - if we get 20+ dau
* Change store to UI, statues throughout allow access
* One of the rooms turned into a puzzle room
* Aesthetic upgrades
* 1-2 more weapons
* 1-2 more costumes
* A new type of add and/or miniboss
* A chest added after boss is killed, with chance to unlock one of three new weapons
* Additional leaderboard for this difficulty
Update 4 - if we get 50+ dau
* A new level that starts at easy difficulty
* Additional leaderboard added for this difficulty
Update 5 - if we get 100+ dau
* Class Abilities added that build mana before players can use their ability. Examples:
- Heal pool that works for all players
- Extra damage pool that works for all players
- Mana pool that slowly charges mana for all players
* A new weapon added that chest can unlock
* Additional leaderboard added for this difficulty

1.0.40 - Initial release



  • Manticore - Dungeon Framework
  • TaoOfChaos:
    • Design Lead - concept, game design, map design
    • Programming Lead - system design and programming, NPC additional programming,
    • Map design and construction
    • Additional UI design, programming and construction
  • Arqueisis - Map design and construction
  • Fazz - NPC setup, art design and programming
  • Konstantin - Default UI aesthetic
  • Matt1971 - Custom costume creation


  • Tezuki - map art contributions (main boss room)
  • Gerjo Vogel - funnel webs
  • Tambles - flying bats
  • Divide - camera programming


  • LittleCreator - Realistic_Palms_LC
  • _UnknownCreator - Splath FX Trigger Zone
  • Amonbeaufils - Amon's Nightcrawl Foliage

Thank you, testers!

  • Arqueisis
  • Fazz
  • Divide
  • Gerjo Vogel
  • Tambles
  • Rowboat
  • BlueOwl305
  • Maize
  • CyborgPrime
  • Luapi
  • Trashbyrd

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Gorgeous scenes and excellent use of the terrain/props! I always get a bit frustrated with situations where I have to jump precisely, but this game held my attention longer than most.

That is great news! So glad you enjoyed our game. In testing, if I missed a jump three times in a row, that jump was made easier. The challenge was to make the jumps both challenging and yet not discouraging for a wide variety of jump skill players, so it's especially rewarding to hear of players who aren't jump fans that are still motivated to continue the game. Thanks so much for your feedback! If you haven't yet, please give it a like in Core.

Dungeon Obby Adventure now has an Easy Mode in alpha! Looking for playtesters who can give feedback on the new experience and report any bugs.

To access the new mode, simply approach the kiosk at game start, or choose to transport to an easier difficulty in the Escape menu.