Dungeon Crawler Weapons And NPC AI Kit

Here's What I am trying to Achieve

  1. Created Project using Dungeon Crawler / using the basic set of weapons and lvl progression available with it .. NPC AI ( 0.9.0 Version )
  2. Upgraded the weapons and NPC Kit to version 0.11.2 ( All the respective script and combat dependecies ) as well...

The main problem I am facing is out of 5 scenes in the game - the weapons and NPCS work fine in rest of 4 scenes .. But in 1 main scene the weapons do not damage the NPCS ...

I have checked / deleted / recreated all NPCs / weapons spawning ... Dependencies ( combat dependencies ) .. But no able to figure out why it does not work ... it does not throw an error as well.

Really could use some pointers why it's not working .. !!

Here's the workaround I used :

  1. The NPC's are from a different package using NPC AI Kit only
  2. Weapons are base dungeon crawler weapons modified to work with NPC Kit.
  3. Combat Dependencies is from the base NPC Kit from CC.

All of it works fine NPC / Dealing Damage as per expectation.

Only time when it does NOT work :
when I use it with "NPC Waypoint" mechanism for handling NPC spawning.. it looks like the scripts referenced or used are different internally and not able to register the player damage data in that scenario.
Even Though it works just fine with "Ambush" mechanism.

There is no way at present with me to solve this NPC waypoint referencing, so I have taken it out of the project hierarchy completely, and using other spawning mechanisms to workaround the issue.

Note :
I am certain there has to be a better solution than this ..
But at least I am not stuck at this point of time on this issue.