Driving Game?

Is it possible to create driving/racing games? I tried "Race Day" game but it didn't work. In the Controls Binding window, I see "Drive Forward" and "Drive Backwards" but I don't see "Steer Left" and "Steer Right". I tried gamepad and keyboard.

Some other games you can look at to see how they do it:

Racing by Good Day

Hackscape Navigator by Varglbargl

One thing to note is that Core is adding more robust vehicle support by the end of April. This means deeper controls and customization for tanks, gokarts, motorcycles, etc. You can do a fair amount with scripting before then - I recommend starting out on track design and other features, while using what's in Community Content for vehicles. Then, switch to the new stuff when it comes out in 1-2 months.

Will the vehicle support be implemented in Lua or engine code? I'd love to be able to tear it apart and see how it all works internally so I can change it up and make it more custom.

You may want to look into the various driveable car kits on the Community Content Page.

Yes it is possible : Wipeout 2021 by Digital Batman

If you want to "Steering" in your game have you tried on an empty project "TOP DOWN" with this serttings in "Top Down Player Settings" (under Control section) :

  • Movement Control Mode Look Relative
  • Look Control Mode Look at Cursor
  • Cursor Plane Horizontal (XY)
  • Cursor Plane Anchor World Origin
  • Cursor Plane Offset 0
  • Facing Mode Face Aime When Active

The player will move towards the mouse direction