Disabling Weapons In Lobby Phase

During the lobby phase I do not want weapons to be able to damage other players. What is the best way to do the following use cases:

1. Disable Damage During Lobby Phase
In this case, players can still fire their weapons, but it does no damage.

2. Disable Weapon Execution
In this case, I don't want the players to be able to fire their weapons. The weapons are still equipped, but I do not want them to be fired.

I could see that being able to fire is fun and the preferable solution from a design point of view. Some weapons deal their damage in a script, not the built-in damage on the weapon, and for those you could just add a check to the script to see what phase you are on.
If you are fine with not being able to fire, you can either have a script enable and disable the Attack ability based on game state, or actually remove the weapons entirely (this especially helps in games where you may not have the same weapon each round). I plan to add support for that to the static player equipment in the future as well.