DayCycleController (from Farmers' Market) questions

Question 1 about DayCycleController (from Farmers' Market): I fully understand the Lantern and using the setup to control when things are visible (tweaked it to make folders visible/invisible and to recognize 4 time quadrants as well as the 2 for day and night). Why doesn't it work to use the same set up for collision/no-collision? I changed client context to network (I know stuff in client context has no collision) and changed the code to be

 propDayFolder.collision = Collision.FORCE_OFF. 

and so on What am I not doing right? Do I need to cite "Game Collision" (versus "Camera Collision") differently? Or what?

Question 2 about DayCycleController: I'm trying to modify Efficient Collectables (from community projects) so that the Reset Collectibles feature is controlled by the DayCycleController announcing a new time of day rather than with an interacted trigger. What kind of programming would replace the trigger with the broadcast (e.g., "Dawn")? I've tried modifying the trigger script and tried modifying the client script that includes the actual reset function but I'm flailing.