Dashlinger, a new fast action PVP Capture The Flag game

GAME NAME: Dashlinger
GAME VERSION: 1.0.7 (Alpha)
GAME LINK: Dashlinger Alpha by Archlight - Core Games

Dashlinger is a fast action stylish shooter and capture the flag game where two teams have to score on the opposite side, instead of the usual CTF, or be the one to get 15 kills!. Furthermore, there are 6 classes to choose from, each with their special abilities. Be the fastest to score a goal, protect your team or just kill for sport on this frenzy PVP game!

Future implementations:

  • Class selection screen on lobby and death, instead of using the spawners.
  • Single player tutorial.
  • Achievements, level system and level up rewards
  • Add "Score" in the TAB table, along with K/D.
  • Three New classes: Mentalist, Defender and Engineer.
  • Having a lobby to hang around while waiting for the game to start.
  • At least two new maps and a new gamemode.

Available classes:

  • Rusher: armed with a Katana and a rapid gun, this is an all-out Ninja like class.
  • Dasher: wielding a dual sword and knife, a dash ability to dodge bullets and some Kunais you feel unstoppable and unkillable.
  • Sniper: take down your enemies from afar, with the sniper rifle, force to leave to those hidden behind a wall with a grenade and defend your position with a high damage revolver.
  • Ranger: a high tech bow with a pulse grenade will allow you to dispatch your enemies while almost flying above them all with the grappling hook.
  • Demolisher: wreck them all with a fireball shotgun and a rocket launcher. What else to say?
  • Gunslinger: did I hear dual wielding fast-shooting guns? Enjoy the carnage.


v. 1.0.35

  • Added level system. It's still a bit unpolished, but I'll make it better in the future. There's also ranks along with them that will be updated in the future.
  • Upgraded Ranger class. Now, you can shoot explosive arrows!
  • Removed friendly fire from explosives.
  • Upgraded more icons. There's still some that overlaps, but I'll get them next patch.
  • Demolisher class balancing.

v. 1.0.31

  • Fixed a bug where the Revolver and Sniper rifle couldn't reload.
  • Preparing scene to be updated to the latest patch alongside a new coming gamemode.
  • Some asset changes

v. 1.0.30

  • Fixed the major bug of the Flag when the round ended. Now there's only one way this can be caused, but almost never is going to happen. I'll try to address this as soon as possible.
  • Moved and updated some icons.
  • Now all weapons that can reload, have the reload icon displayed.
  • Reduced VFX impact on performance.
  • Minor balance changes.

v. 1.0.8 (1.0.25)

  • Added a Kill Score. Now, the game also ends when someone reaches 15 kills.
  • Added a Leaderboard that shows the ones who killed the most.
  • Victory screen is back!
  • Reduced VFX impact on performance.
  • Added a Tutorial and Leaderboard toggle icon.
  • Removed victory screen temporarily due to a problem where the Flag wasn't respawning after the game ended.
  • Still trying to fix the Flag not resetting issue. No luck so far.
  • Added a sound effect to notify when a player logs in.


  • Resized radar image, so it doesn't overlap anymore with the weapon swap icons.
  • Removed Victory Screen until finding out why it made the Flag dissappear after round ends.
  • Performance improved.
  • Adjusted minor weapon stats.


  • Now when a player dies, the Flag resets to the center.
  • Fixed some map problems.
  • Added a radar to track both enemies and allies.
  • Added a damaging zone when enemy enters the other's base, that gradually kills them to avoid spawn-camping.
  • Unlimited ammo. For now, it's not longer required to refill your ammo by picking the class again. In a future update, this will be reverted along with ammo spawners around the map.


  • Class optimizations and changes:
  • Gunslinger: Changed the "roll" ability on the Alt button to another dash ability, so you can dash now dash two times. Also, increased the damage per-shot from 9 to 15, and the headshot damage from 20 to 50.
  • Sniper: Increased revolver base damage from 22 to 45 and the headshot damage from 44 to 90 damage. Reduced the shooting knockback, so now you won't be able to fly across the map. Sorry, guys.
    Dasher: Reduced the cooldown of Dash from 3 seconds to 1 seconds. Increased Kunai's damage from 10 to 25.
  • Rusher: increased rapid gun base damage from 9 to 20 and headshot from 24 to 35.
  • Ranger: Reduced the reload cooldown from 1 second to 0.5. The plasma bomb now can be attached to enemies.
    Adjusted some icons not showing correctly.


  • Changed minimum required players from 4 to 2, so you can play vs a friend.

Known Issues:

  • Sometimes movement speed gets overlapped by other classes, increasing it more than it should.
  • Icons not matching the abilities sometimes.
  • Spawners unequipping instead of equipping. You have to try a few times until you get the class.
  • The flag not resetting after a game ends, making it un-playable. I'm working hard trying to fix this, but no luck for now.

This is still an Alpha release. There are some bugs and errors known, yet to be fixed. As I am working alone on this project, it will take time to fix them. Any help will be highly appreciated.



It looks really cool, I'll try it out with a friend tomorrow.

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Thank you!! I'll be waiting for your feedback :smiley: . Enjoy the game!