Custom Material : Stone Floor Foundation With 3 custom color schemes not possible?

I am trying to create a material with large cobblestone like flooring , With Gaps in between Having ground/dirt in the gaps .. And occasionally some stones i want painted with different color ( Secondary & Tertiary Color Schemes )

Here are 4 approaches i tried :

  1. "Stone Foundation 01" - is the basic material style I prefer for the look.
    But since there's no option for secondary / tertiary color scheming it does not serve the purpose.

  2. I tried playing around with "Ceramic Materials" since it has option for wear and tear and provides additional color scheme for that purpose - but in that case material mesh options are not there for cobblestone like look and feel. only geometrically material designs I could create ( like tiles )

  3. I even tried with vinyl materials - but i couldn't find a way to create cobblestone like look and feel.

  4. I tried creating the Advanced Material - but that option did not work either.

Please do let me know if I am missing something obvious here.