Custom Images and Audio

Is there a way to bring in custom images or audio? Being able to create posters to put in an interior or add custom music to a scene would really help add our own spin to a scene.

Hi Core Guru, there's currently no way to import your own music / audio files, and there's more information in the Audio section of the FAQ here:

However, some really cool things to check out would be what an awesome creator named Waffle did in this game Self-Playing Piano with MIDI to JSON conversion to have music play. Similarly, if you're a composer, you could convert that MIDI to JSON with online free converters and try implementing it with Waffle's piano-- which he made opensource as a Community-Shared game!

As for images, the closest to "importing" would be what creator WaveParadigm did in Pandora's Box here: [Script] Pandora's Box - 2D and 3D Sprite Renderers but that may adversely affect performance if overused. The best way to model in Core is through kitbashing out of primitives and provided objects in creative ways, a bit similar to Lego's. For more information on importing/art modelling, there's also a section in the FAQ here.

Hope these help! :slight_smile:

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